I know I've been slacking on writing, but life's been crazy!
Work is busy, busy!
The weather's been GORGEOUS! So beautiful that last week I think we went to the park just about every day after school! SO much fun!!!

Monkey is really starting to talk more. Some of the words I really can't understand, but some of them are clear as day! Like the other night, he pointed to something and said "I want that!" Even a friend who was with me said she heard it, too! Sweet! He's saying "Hi" and "Bye" now. I swear the other night he told me "love you too"! He's almost saying his sister's name so it's understandable. He knows the color blue. No lie. Anything he see' that is that color he tells us "BLUE!". Love it. He's also very whiny. And if he's talking in the language I don't understand he will get frustrated. Understandable. But I do love how vocal he is becoming!!!

Buddy is doing a lot these days, too! Every chance he gets he's outside shooting hoops. His love for basketball is def obvious. The other day I went to talk to his class about my job and when I asked what everyone wanted to be, Buddy said a Basketball Star! I can see that for sure! Baseball season has also started and Buddy is excited for that as well! It's his first year playing that he'll actually play real games and keep score!

Princess is all about the movie Shark Boy & Lava Girl!! I think in the last week she's watched it at least 10 times! Does that make me a bad parent??? Nah, like i said above, we've been OUTSIDE a lot more than we've been inside recently. I remember when Buddy went through this "sharkboy" stage, too. At about the same age. Funny. Princess is getting so smart, too! She knows all the colors and shapes. We're working on number and letters now!

We all went to a breakfast with the Easter bunny over the weekend! That was a lot of fun! Take a look...

Breakfast was yummy!!!!

Getting ready for the Easter Egg Scramble!

Easter Bunny time!
Poor Monkey, Silly Buddy

Craft time!

Since it was a rainy day, when we got home, Princess got to go out in the rain!


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