another action packed weekend!

Saturday was fun fun fun and run run run!
It started with Buddy's baseball game at 9am!
From there we headed to my Grandmother's 88th birthday party! - 88!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After her party we headed back to our neck of the woods for a neighbors "Derby Party"!!!

It was a great day and a lot of fun! Thanks goodness the weather was wonderful!

My camera died at my Grandmother's party :( But I did get some pictures though...

My boys in matching shirts :)

These 2 are being so silly!!!

drawing chalk butterflies for Great Grandmom!



The boys at the party got to play some baseball :) 

My camera battery died after this picture :(

Sunday, we headed to the ZOO! It started out a gloomy day but ended up perfect! We all had a great time and got to see a lot of the animals :) I loved seeing how excited Princess & Monkey were at every place we went. Monkey waved HI and BYE to all the animals, was so cute!
Buddy, on the other hand, acted like he was so bored :( It was kind of frustrating, BUT, in the pictures I took HE is the one who looks the happiest. I think he was just putting on a show!!!

brotherly love

Amazed at the polar bears...making sure we saw it, too ;)


touching the turtle :)

Princess and her birthday twin!

acting like monkeys :)

OUR monkey is looking at them and thinking "what are you all doing?! seriously?!"

then he decides to join in on the fun!

LOVE this photo. He is waving and saying "BYE!" to the animals! Oh how I wish I had gotten this one on video!

Our animal pack

These turtle shells were a blast!!!

sweet E :)

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