numb thumb!

It's been a crazy last few days weeks since I've last written.
There's been sicknesses going around.
I've been prepping for TotSwap.
Buddy's been playing baseball.
Princess has been practicing ballet.
Monkey has been making my heart melt with his laugh.


Then, on top of that, i have a numb thumb.
It's been numb since last thursday - so almost a week.
I finally went to the Drs yesterday...she had no clue.
So...for the next week...I'm on steroids.
Dr. thinks i did something to irritate and inflame the nerves around my thumb.
If that's the case, the steroids should work.
If that's not the case, I call and go back in next week.
I really hope the steroids work.
A numb thumb is quite annoying!

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Mamakat23 said...

You're writing like how Christian Grey talks!!!! ;-)