Deep Creek Adventure!

One of Babe's birthday wishes was to have a weekend away, just the 2 of us. 
So, being the awesome wife that I am, I made that happen!
He gave me a list of about 5 places he wouldn't mind visiting, and I booked our getaway :)

We went to Deep Creek!
Rented our own lil' cabin, with our own lil' hot tub...
enjoyed the fun activities Deep Creek has to offer...
actually relaxed...
saw the biggest waterfall in MD...
and enjoyed the time we had, together :)

 The first thing we did after settling into our cabin was go play disc golf! 
It was a lot of fun, but a lot of work!!!!

After disc golf we both rode on the Mountain Coaster! 
Now that was a ton of fun! A little scary, but FUN!

We had dinner at a brewery there in town - which Babe LOVED ;) 

That there is a "smore pizza" was pretty good, though I could have done without the bread ;) 

The next day we went a saw the biggest waterfall in MD - Muddy Creek was beautiful!!!

After the waterfall, we went an enjoyed the local creamery - and this scenary :)

 And then we headed to the beach at Deep Creek! :)

Took the pic b/c the clouds looked neat. But now i see a sort of HEART shape :)

We went to a nice restaurant Saturday evening, then relaxed back at the cabin and watched a movie :)
It was wonderful!!!

Here's the cabin we stayed in!
It was small but perfect!

Sunset from the from of our cabin :)

Our hottub. It was oddly placed between our cabin and another. And you could see if from the front. No privacy whatsoever!

Loved the sink!

No door to the bedroom. Everything was wide open.

Some great views!!!!

makes me LOL every time i see it ;) 

Well, Babe, I hope you had a great time!
And I hope your 30th is off to a great start!
This coming weekend is going to be sooo much fun :)

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