Ironbirds Game

Last night Buddy and I went to the Ironbirds game!
A friend of mine had tickets to sell - front row, first base side - so i bought em up quick!
We went with one of Buddy's best buds since forever :)

We got there early and walked around. Buddy wanted to get to the seats to watch the Ironbirds practice and get their autographs. So, we did that. After a few autographs, we headed to the play area. Silly me, I didn't have any cash on me (who carries cash nowadays anyway?!) so we stopped by the ATM. Well, the ATM kept denying my card :( I freaked a little, but knew it wasn't my card, just thought the machine was broke. So we went in the store to buy something, hoping maybe they would give cash back. Buddy found an awesome Ironbirds hat! We stood in line to buy it, and the lady in front of us was paying for her purchase. Well, her credit card wasn't working, either. Turns out, the CC system was down throughout the stadium. cash. Now no credit. LOL!

Luckily it was "free nachos" night. So we did get them ;)

When our friends showed up, they were nice enough to buy us a drink :)

We then checked the store again, in hopes the machines were back up, and they were! And Buddy got his hat! (no, they didn't give cash back). We went to try the ATM again, but that still wasn't working. Errr...

...since we had our nachos and our drink, we all headed back to the seats.

At around the 3rd inning, they made an announcement that the cc system was down again, and they were only accepting cash the rest of the night. Booooo...........i was looking forward to junk!

The game started and the Ironbirds were ahead 3-2 by the 2nd inning :)
It was a close game the whole game, but they ended up losing :(
And the game was about 4 hours long! UGH!

However, Buddy and his friend both got a foul ball :)
At the end of the game, they got the ball filled with autographs!

So glad I got to take Buddy to such a personal game!
I have never been so close to the players, nor have I ever gotten a ball that was in play before!

(I won't mention the getting super lost on the way home part!!!!!)

He was SOOOO happy about the ball! And, see his awesome new hat?! yea!!!

Happy boys!!!
To see more pics of us at the game...CHECK IT OUT!!!

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