3 years and it's gone so fast!

Well, i figured I'd start one of these blogs pages. I have a few friends who have started them, and it's interesting to be able to read them on a daily basis, so I'm hoping this will be interesting for others. I also figured I'd start one now that Buddy is almost 3, and we will be starting to try for another lil' one in the coming year! :)

So yes, if you can believe it, Buddy will be 3 this Sunday, 10/7! It's crazy how fast time has flown by!

10/2/07 - Today was Buddy's 1st day of Pre-school! Babe & I cannot believe he's already starting pre-school!!!!!! He was given a great opportunity to be a "typical peer" at the Maryland School for the Blind. As a typical peer, he will go 2 days a week and help out with the other pre-schoolers in his class. He's in the 3-4 year old pre-school class.

Buddy's 1st day of pre-school was TERRIFIC!!!!! I didn't even shed a tear...but i was a nervous wreck the whole day he was!

Buddy was nervous. I don't think he's ever been nervous. He was up a lot the night before, so I ended up sleeping with him in his bed. Before he went back to sleep he said "Mommy, I going to pre-school tomorrow?" and i said "that's right honey! you start tomorrow!" and he said "i'm so excited, mommy!" then rolled over and went back to sleep! lol

The drive there seemed like it took forever, and it's the 1st time Buddy ever pulled the "Are we there yet?" question! haha every time we got to a red light (and we hit ALL the red lights) he would ask "we are at my pre-school now?" then when Babe and i said "nooo, not yet" he'd either get upset and say "but i want to be there now!" or he'd be happy and say "good. i don't want to go to preschool now." lol...

When we got there he was excited, but shy. It took him a while to sit at the "circle time" with the others. Babe and i snuck out once, but he came running after us...aww!!!!!, so we went back in, and when we went to leave again we told him we were leaving...he looked back and said "oh!" then turned back around to listen to the rest of the story being read ;) so i knew then he was comfortable! and i felt comfortable leaving!

I called them around lunch and they said he was doing great! He had been involved in all the activities, and was even helping one of the other kids ride around on a bike! When we picked him up he was still napping. They told us that he enjoyed reading the book "uno, dos, tres!" and that they counted up to 7 in spanish, that he was a big help with getting the other children on the bus, and that he helped out a lot during lunch!

He says he didn't like it, and he cried there...but we know he did just fine ;) Thursday will be his 2nd day, and it will only be Babe taking i might be more of a nervous wreck thursday, than i was yesterday : /

After we picked him up from pre-school, we went to the mall to get his 3 year photos done. He did a WONDERFUL job, and the pictures turned out better than I hoped they would! His reward for his 1st day of Pre-school, and taking beautiful pictures was a "Lightning McQueen" umbrella he's been begging us for, and 2 rides on the mall ;0)

I guess I'll be writing more on Thursday, after his 2nd day of Pre-school!

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