Buddy's 2nd day of Pre-School!

Well, today was Buddy's 2nd day of Pre-school, and as I had thought, I was more worried and nervous about it then he was!

Babe dropped him off around 8am and said Buddy ran into his room saying "Hi" to his teachers and classmates. He said good-bye to Babe like it was nothing...what a champ! His 2nd day and he already feels at home ;) That's my boy!

I made cupcakes for him to share with his class today, to celebrate his birthday! He was VERY excited about being able to do that ;)

When I picked him up, around 2:30, he was talking away with 2 of his teachers, and Michael (a friend of ours that works at the MD school for the blind). He was also eating his 2nd birthday cupcake if the day ;) LOL

Today he told me he had a lot of fun...that's a complete turn around from "i cried!"...and he also told me about his new "best friend", Alyssa. She's a typical peer just like Buddy. Alyssa only comes in on Thursdays, though. He was really excited to tell me about her!

The school fills out a paper for Buddy everyday he's there - it's almost like a progress report - and it tells us what Tyler ate, what his mood was, what he participated in, and then they add anything extra. Well, today his paper was PACKED! His mood was "HAPPY"! :) He participated in: Alphabet Time, Science, Social Studies, Math, and the Computer! WOW that's a lot!!! They also wrote some extra notes explaining what they went over in each subject!!! I'm so proud of my lil' man!!!

We went to the grocery store after pre-school to buy some things for his birthday party on sunday! On the way home, he fell asleep, and is still sleeping as i write this...LOL! I guess school is tiring for a lil fellow like him! The picture is above ;)

I'll write more soon!!!

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