He's only going to be 3...why am i so emotional?!

Well...2 days from now we'll have a 3 year old lil' man!!! I don't know why, but it's gotten me so emotional. He's only going to be 3 years old...he's not going to college, or getting! I guess it's just the reality that he's ALREADY 3...and that those other things aren't that far behind...

...I heard a song today that brought tears to my eyes because it's sooo sweet! It's called "Till I was a Daddy, Too" by Tracey Lawrence. It's about him singing to his Dad, about being a Daddy now, sweet! Some of the lyrics from it are:

Real love, the kind that you can't understand
Until you hold it in your arms, and touch it with your hands.
Pure joy, the kind that you can only find
When you live your life for them
And leave yourself behind.
More and more I'm seeing life go by
Thru my Daddy's eyes...
...From watching him learn how to crawl
To skinned up knees from skateboard falls
To praying he'd get through football alive
From hearing his first works spoken

LOL...i should have just typed the whole song... ;P But you get the idea...

...we have a pretty packed weekend! Tomorrow we'll go out and buy the paint for Buddy's room! That's his big birthday present this year...getting his room painted :) Neither Babe nor I have ever painted this should be an interesting experience! I hope Buddy's room turns out okay! Sunday is Buddy's birthday, and birthday party! Monday, I have work, and that's when we plan on getting a majority of Buddy's room's an action-packed weekend! I'll try my best to get on here to write, but I most likely won't write again until our lil' man is officially 3 :)

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