Maryland Renn Fest

Yesterday, we spent the day at the MD Renn Festival! It was a perfect day, and we all had such a wonderful time!!! Buddy really loves it there! Yesterday, all he really wanted to do was watch all the shows ;) His favorite was the jousting! He is really into all the knights and horses! The 3 of us got to ride on an Elephant!!!! It was expensive, but the fact that Buddy wasn't scared, was worth every penny. And it was soooo much fun on the Elephant!!!

Here are some Renn Fest pics:

Today, when Buddywoke up, he went in and used the bathroom all by himself! Usually, he'll wake one of us to tell us he has to go, but today he didn't. He went right on into the bathroom, and used it all by himself! Such a big boy! I think we'll be putting up his medieval stickers very soon ;)

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Luke's mommy said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Luke would have loved it : (
But the Ravens were on, so we had to watch them. It would have been better if they would have won!