Halloween Party

About a month ago, I joined
It's a website for Moms, to meet other moms, get advice from other moms, and just be able to talk to other Moms about Mom things ;) There are tons of different groups on cafemom, and the 1st one I joined was "Harford County Mommies." I had talked back and forth a few of the other moms, and found a girl I went to high school with on there, too! I had never met any of them, though. Until today.

One of the moms threw a Halloween Party! Buddy & I went! It was a lot of fun! Everyone I met was really nice, and all the kids were adorable in their costumes. Buddy was Peter Pan, and I was Tiger Lily (I know, I was originally supposed to be Wendy, but who knew how hard it would be to find a blue nightgown???). Some other costumes were Belle, Cinderella, Witches, a Raven's player, a Mermaid, a Lion, JoJo, and Elmo. With as many kids as their were there, I am surprised there were no "repeat' costumes!!!

But Buddy and I did have a really good time! To any other moms reading this, I suggest Especially if you're able to stay at home, I know the Harford County group does a lot of play dates and walks with the kids during the week!!!

Also, as an update to Buddy's "work clothes"...he hasn't yet worn them to work, but he is still talking about them ;) I will get a pic up here soon of how handsome he looks ;)

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