Getting into the swing of things!

So it's been about 3-4 weeks now since Buddy started at the MD school for the blind, and Celebree. And within those 3-4 weeks, Babe & I have noticed a difference in attitude in Buddy...for the better! He seems so much happier, and sillier, and is actually asking to take naps...LOL! Pre-school is wearing him out ;) He's been singing songs he's learning. He even taught us how to say "Thank You!" in sign language! So cute!

Last night, Buddy & I went to the mall with my Mom. I had to return something, and then we decided to just look at clothes for Buddy and Ella. Well, just looking turned into almost $100 spent by me, and who knows how much spent by my mom ;) LOL But Buddy fell in love with a suit-set! It's got pin striped pants, a white shirt, a pin-striped vest with a fake hanker-chief, and a clip-on tie. Buddy HAD to have it, he said, because it was his "work clothes"! LOL. Well, while he plans on wearing it to work, i did buy it, but for other reasons ;P He wanted to try it on as soon as we got back to my parents. He looked ADORABLE! My mom kept saying "aww...i can see him getting married now" and i was like "HEY! Don't rush it!" He did look professional in his work clothes ;) LOL He is determined to wear it to "work" today, so I'll have to write on how that goes ;)

That's about all the updates as of now!


Luke's mommy said...

too cute! Dose Mike dress up for work?
i got my tickers from

Em said...

Haha, that's so cute! So is he wearing it to school today? All the girls are going to think he's hot! ;)