Buddy's Room :)

We have finished Buddy's room!!!!!! It looks so much better than I had hoped it would!!!!! The medieval times cut outs aren't up yet, b/c Buddy needs to sleep in his bed, ALL night, for a week, before he gets those! He did great last night, 6 more to go ;) He's been scared of a witch in his closet the past few nights, and has ended up in our room...i think she left, though...that's always a good thing ;)



So there it is :) Buddy LOVES it! Let us know what you think of his new room :)

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Em said...

It looks much brighter! Thanks for being the first to check out my blog...and post a comment! :) I will keep checking yours for updates on you and your fam. I miss you a ton too! It's been too long,I hope we can get together sometime before too long!