Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn!

Today was Buddys 2nd day at Celebree! Babe said he did great when he dropped him off, and when I picked him up he was deep into a story the teacher was reading :) It was about fire trucks! I also learned that he took a nap from 12:45 - 3..he hasn't done that since he was a little baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of little babies, our friends became parents today! Kaitlyn Elizabeth was born at 12:17pm. She was 6lbs 11.8oz, and 20 inches long! She is cute as a button! He fingers are so very long, and she's got big feet...even bigger then what Buddy'ss were, and his were big ;) She's going to be a tall girl one day ;) Congratulations to the new mommy & daddy :)

Tomorrow, Buddy & I are going to OC w/ Melis & Mitri for the day. Melissa's dad is in the corvette club, and they are down there for a "corvette parade"! We plan on taking the boys to get an ice cream castle, as well as their face on a character of their choice! It should be a fun, exciting day!

Hope all is well with everyone :)

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