Merry Christmas!!!

Well, this Christmas sure was a great one! I can't believe it's been and gone already! I took the day off today to recover, yet I feel like I could use the rest of the week ;) Wouldn't that be nice???

Christmas Eve

Buddy, Babe & I made cookies for Santa Claus in the morning...chocolate chip, Santa's favorite! Melis & Mitri came over around 1 to hang out for a little while, and then we went to Mass at St. Ursula with Babe's family. Buddy fell asleep, and stayed asleep, throughout the whole Mass. After Mass, we went back to Babe's parents house to celebrate Christmas! A lot of Babee's family was there, and it was great to see everyone!!! We opened gifts later in the evening, and Buddy got so much! He was lovin' it! Babe's mom put together a fun game, that was kind of like "Deal or No Deal." She had 5 gift bags, and handed out 5 numbers. Whoever had #1 (me) picked a gift bag. Whoever had #2 (Rachel) could either take the gift bag I took, or pick their own. It went like this until the last person picked a giftbag. Babe ended up stealing my giftbag from me, and Buddy then took it from Babe. Buddy was the big winner of that game, and ended up $100.00 richer! The lil' bugger ;) We headed home around 10:30, to get ready for Santa. Tyler DID NOT fall asleep on the way home, which didn't help Santa's Helpers (Babe & I) to get ready any quicker. It didn't take long for Buddy to fall asleep, we were good to go after that!

Christmas Day
(and my Mom's Birthday!)

Buddy woke up around 7:15...not too bad. We started with the stockings. Buddy's was overflowing. We then headed downstairs. The 1st thing Buddy saw was his Smart Cycle . He got excited, and hopped on. He wanted to play with it right away, but Babe & I reminded him that Santa probably left more gifts under the tree. Buddy ran towards the tree, and said "OH! MY! GOSH!" when he saw what Santa had left.

He saw that Santa left a letter, and 1 cookie. He asked where the rest of the cookies went, and I told him "Santa ate them!" Well, Buddy said "I think I'm mad at Santa now for eating all my cookies!" LOL...he's too funny ;)

It took Buddy about an hour to open all his gifts. After opening about 5 presents, he said his back hurt, and asked me to open the rest. LOL. say the darnest things ;)

Later in the day we had my family over for Christmas Dinner! It was a lot of fun! While the Ham was cooking, we all exchanged gifts! Buddy got a MOE costume. Moe is his favorite character from the kids show, DoodleBops!
He got a lot of other gifts as many that I can't even remember half of all the gifts he got ;)

We had a great Christmas this year, as we hope all reading this did, too!!

Click here for pics of our Christmas :)

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Mamakat23 said...

You remembered everyone else's birthdays and special occasions this year but didn't mention mine? ;-) It's all good. Cause I didn't even know about this blog til a few months ago ;-)