In a previous blog, I mentioned how I would be visiting a relative that was sick and on hospise. His name is Jim, and he is my Mom's cousin. Only a few months ago they found out he had cancer, and that quickly he was on hospice.

On Wednesday, the 26th, my mom, my Aunt Joyce, Buddy & I were able to go see him. It was the day after Christmas, and he was doing Christmas with his kids, grandkids, and other family and friends. When we got to their house, I was amazed to see him walk through the hallway, excited about his "hawaiin santa" shirt he had on. He looked a lot thinner, but he was so full of life! He gave each of us a hug, and thanked us for coming!

We stayed a good hour; we got to see him open his gifts, along with the rest of the family. They even had a present for Buddy, which was very nice of them. I let my Mom & Aunt have some time alone with Jim, and took Buddy to play upstairs with the other little kid there. Jim started feeling dizzy, so Pat, his wife, helped him back to bed. We left shortly after.

Yesterday, the 27th, my Mom got the call that Jim had passed away.

It's so strange to me how things like that happen. One day, he seems so alive and well, and the next he's gone. Though, after working in a Nursing Home for 3 years, I do know that the Holidays either make a person stronger, or a person weaker. So many residences at the Nursing Home I worked at passed away around the Holidays. It was the strangest thing.

I believe Jim was holding out for the Christmas celebration with his family. I believe he passed away peacefully and happily. Everyone at the party was so happy and Jim was smiling the whole time. I'm glad he is no longer in pain, but I am sorry for his loss, especially for those closest to him. May they get through his loss peacefully!

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