Our Adventures in New York City!!! 11/30 - 12/2/07

Wow, did we have a fantastic time in New York City this past weekend!!! We left friday around 1:20pm, and got into NYC around 5:30! We were going up to see our friends, Cynthia & Matt!!! Cynthia met us at the Port Authority in NYC, and we were off on our adventure.

Friday, 11/30/07

Cynthia took us to her and Matt's apartment. We got to ride on the subway! And whoever said that New Yorker's had the worst additude was way wrong! It was jam packed when we got on the subway, so we were forced to stand. There were two younger boys sitting near us, and they saw me strugging while holding buddy and trying to hang on for dear life. So they both asked if I would like their seat! I kindly accepted, and thanked them! The rest of the ride on the subway, Buddy was the hit of our area! The guy who stood up for us to sit really liked him. Buddy kept kicking him, and pulling his headphones, but all he could do was laugh. We later found out that he had a 4 year old brother...that explains a lot ;) haha One lady told Buddy that he was so cute he should be a Gerber Baby, to which Buddy exclaimed "I'm not a baby! You're a baby!" And the lady cracked up! A little bit later, it must have clicked in that she also called him "cute", b/c out of no-where Buddy said "hey! i'm not cute!!!" haha it was hilarious!!!

When we got to Cyn & Matt's place, Matt took us on a tour of their beautiful apartment building! They live on the 46th floor...i think there are 56 floors, plus their rooftop solarium!!! After we did that, and Cynthia walked their dog, Ceaser, we headed out to dinner @ RED ( restaurant is kind of like Don Pablos. It was located at South SeaPort, which is an area just like our Inner Harbor! The 1st thing we saw there was their BIG christmas tree. ..which was no where near as big as Rockefellar's tree!!! We ate dinner, and Buddy passed out while we ate. Then we walked around the area for a little before heading back to their apartment.

Since it was Matt's birthday, Cynthia & Matt went out with some of their friends & coworkers, and we stayed behind, and pretty much went straight to bed! We were exhausted!!!

Saturday, 12/1/07

Saturday we headed out around 10am. Matt stayed behind to recover from the night before ;) We're glad he had a great birthday celebration!!! We started out going to Wall Street. There was saw one of the Trump Buildings, Trinity Church & The Charging Bull Statue. There was a group of about 15 people at the statue when we got there, and they took forever taking Buddy was scared of the statue, but our picture turned out really good :)

After that, we headed to Ground Zero. Talk about being in complete awe. I was speechless. All i could think about was what happened that day, the people running from the terror...i was just amazed. The first fire station to react to the calls had a wall memorial that was simply amazing. Just being there has changed my outlook on the whole situation.

Oh yea, I guess I should mention that our stroller broke. We didn't notice until we got to the bus station in Baltimore that it was a little on the "sick" side. Then on saturday morning, one of the handles completely broke off. So while we were doing all this site seeing, we were all taking turns holding Buddy and looking for another stroller! It was rather frustrating. We had no luck this far.

After Ground Zero we went to Battery Park and saw the Statue of Liberty from far, far away! After that, we decided to head to lunch at Peanut Butter & Co. This place was so great! All it had was peanut butter sandwiches...with just about anything you can imagine! Buddy got the original PB&J, while Cynthia & I decided on "The Elvis." The Elvis consisted of: Peanut Butter, Bananas, Honey & Bacon. To our surprise it was very good! Babe decided on "The Heat is On." His sandwich consisted of spicy peanut butter, chicken & pineapple chunks. Why he thought this appetizing, we'll never know, but it took just one bite for Babe to realize he wasn't going to eat anymore...LOL! Lucky for him, I only ate half of mine, and Buddy only ate half of his ;)

After lunch, we headed to FAO Schwartz. This is where we finally found us a new stroller! I asked the sales lady for their cheapest stroller, and was shocked when she showed me the one she did!!!! However, we were willing to pay an arm and a leg at this point (we felt like we already had from carrying Buddy all morning), so we bought the cheapest one they had. It's a pretty nifty had a rain cover, that we ended up using for the wind. After we purchased the stroller, we made our way up to the BIG piano. Buddy & I took our turn at playing on it! It was soooo much fun!!! Shortly after we played on it, the experts came and did a show. It was amazing to see them play! What a great workout it was, too! I wouldn't mind having one of them at our house ;) haha

After the BIG Piano we left FAO Schwartz, and started on a search for some NYC Pizza!!!! We found a place called “Ray’s Pizza.” The pizza was good, but the service was horrible! Buddy had passed out on the way to pizza, so he missed out on the yummy-ness : (

After pizza, we went to the big M&M Store!!!!! This is a store with 3 floors of nothing but M&M fun!!!!! There was an area where you can get “scanned” to see what your M&M color mood was. Babe, Buddy & I all did it! Babe’s color was WHITE: You feel the urge to do some good; eating chocolate is good…! Funny how the night before, he had us stop at Godiva so he could get some chocolate ;) haha Buddy’s color was DARK GREEN: People appreciate your honesty. He wanted Orange, but was happy with dark green! My color was CREAM: You like to laugh and make people laugh; not AT you, but WITH you! Haha That was pretty cool! Buddy ended up getting a little bag of yellow M&M’s, and we bought a 4-pack of mini-m&m glasses, and were on our way to the next stop…
…The GINORMOUS Christmas Tree at Rockefellar! Talk about a crowd! We had to go about 2-3 streets down just to get close to the tree!!!!! It was hard fighting crowds with a stroller, but we did the best we could! The tree was amazing…huge with lights on practically every inch of it!!!! The Cat in the Hat & Grinch were there, so Buddy was more occupied with them, than the tree…but we all had a good time there ;)

Next, we headed to Central Park to take a Horse & Carriage ride! That was so much fun!!!!!! We were all able to get on the same carriage!!!!!! Buddy really liked it, and didn’t want to get off…haha :)

It was about 6:30pm by now, and we were all getting hungry. We were going to try a place called “Mars 2112”, but decided it would have been a little scary for Buddy. But the place looked really neat! It had a $2 admission (I know…to a restaurant??) but you took a “space ship ride” to the restaurant. While at the restaurant, aliens were walking around, etc. Buddy definitely wouldn’t have liked that, so we decided to try somewhere else. We ended up at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant! It was a 1 ½ hour wait, and lucky for us, Toys-R-Us was right across the street, so we headed there while we waited!

While at Toys-r-us, Babe, Buddy & I rode on their ferris wheel. It’s a huge ferris wheel, inside the store, that goes as tall as all 4 of their floors! Buddy was amazed by it, and immediately saw the Toy Story car on it! He was determined to get on that one…the “buzz lightyear” one, as he called it! We got our tickets around 7:30, but had to wait until 8:20 to get in line for it. So we roamed the store. Buddy played with a lot of toys, as did the rest of us ;) haha When it was time to get in line, we went down, and Cynthia & Matt stayed on one of the other levels to watch. We were 2nd in line when the guy asked us “is the Toy Story car alright with you guys?” It took a moment to sink in, then I finally yelled “YES!” haha…Buddy was going to get the car he wanted!!!!! We were all so excited!!!!!!! While we were on the Ferris Wheel, Cynthia & Matt headed over to the restaurant incase our name was called. It ended up being perfect timing, b/c maybe 2 minutes before the 3 of us got to the restaurant, they were seated! Our timing with everything really turned out great!!!!

Bubba Gump Shrimp was fantastic! We got a shrimp appetizer for all to share. Babe & I shared a meal of 4 different types of shrimp. Buddy got his normal mac & cheese, but also ate some of our shrimp. Cynthia got the stuffed shrimp, and I’m not sure what Matt got. But it was ALL very good!!!!! Since Matt’s birthday was Friday, someone told our waitress, and they ended up singing to him : )

By the time dinner was over it was 10. We didn’t get back to Cyn & Matt’s place until 11:30pm!!!!!! It had been a very long day, and we all went to sleep quickly!!!!!!

Sunday, 12/2/07

We woke up to snow today!!!!!! I had my alarm set for 8:30. I got up, took a shower, and then woke babe up so he could shower. By 9:30, Buddy was STILL asleep! We eventually woke him up and as soon as he spotted the snow he was excited! He even asked us if Santa was coming now ;) haha He’s so cute!!!!! The 3 of us went to the apartments restaurant for breakfast, while Cyn & Matt got ready. When we got back, we went up to their rooftop solarium, and Buddy started playing in the snow ;) From their solarium we could see the Brooklyn & Manhatten Bridges!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We spent a few minutes up there, then had to head to the Subway…it was time to go home : (

We got to the bus station an hour early…but the 11:30 bus before us still hadn’t left…NOT a good sign. We said our Good-Byes so Cynthia & Matt, and they were on their way back. No more then 5 minutes after they left, an announcement came on saying ALL buses were delayed due to the weather…I was thinking JUST GREAT!!!!!! However, it ended up we left on time, and got back to Baltimore a little after our scheduled time! So everything turned out great!

We had a fantastic weekend in New York City, and have Cynthia & Matt to Thank!!!!!!!!

If you would like to see our pictures from the weekend, you can go here:

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