Dollar Days

This past weekend was “dollar days” downtown. So Saturday, Buddy & I, along with Melissa, Mitri & Sarah, and Josh, Jenn, Luke & Faith, headed down to the aquarium. Melis was running a little late in the morning, so Josh & Jenn decided to head on down before us. It worked out great, b/c by the time Melis & I with the kids got down there, they had just finished getting tickets!

So we walked in and started our way through the aquarium. Buddy’s goal this day was to see Nemo ;) Just about every exhibit we saw, he asked if Nemo was in it ;) haha It was funny, b/c just about every other kid there was looking for Nemo, too. Other parents laughed when Buddy asked about Nemo, and said theirs were doing the same thing. We were even relating the other animals to those in Nemo…like the stingrays, they were the teacher in Nemo. And the sharks…they helped Dorie & Nemo’s dad! Yes, we finally did see a Nemo…a few of them, actually. But they were hiding, and we only got a small peek at them!!!!! It made Buddyhappy, though : )

At one point, Luke & Buddy were standing right up to the glass, amazed at a crocodile! A HUGE fish started swimming right in front of them. Josh said “Hey Luke, look at the fish!” Luke looked down, and screamed at the stop of his lungs! Haha! It was hilarious! He had the whole room laughing ;)

By the time we were done looking through the aquarium, everyone was hungry. Jenn suggested going to P.F.Changs right across from the Aquarium, so that’s where we went! The food was delicious, and the service was great! I definitely want to go there again!

After lunch, we all headed home to relax! It had been a busy morning/afternoon!!!!

Later that night, Buddy & I went to an “ornament party” for our friends Tony & Sarah! It was a really cool party idea…everyone who came had to bring an ornament to put on their tree! We got them a Raven’s ornament, and little snowmen bells with their names on it : ) While at the party, we got to make gingerbread houses…from scratch! I’ve been used to the pre-made, boxed ones these past few years…so making my own was a little difficult. Buddy had fun with that, but I think he enjoyed eating it more ;) haha We were at the party ‘til late, and Buddy fell asleep on the way home. Once we got home, I was in bed, passed out, right away!!!! What a busy day!

You can tell Buddy has a mouth full of yummies ;)

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