Our Kitten, Annie

Those of you who have cats, or have had them at some point in your lifetime, know that they are pretty good at using their litter boxes. If they don’t use their litter box, it’s usually because they are trying to tell you that something is wrong. You also know that the litter box should be completely cleaned, oh, at least once a week…

…here’s a funny story about our kittens, especially Annie.

Monday is the day we, or I should say Babe, cleans out the litter box. He does a great job at it, and even cleans up the bathroom floor and everything! So this past Monday, that is exactly what Babe did…cleaned the litter box and floor around it. (Keep this in mind, along with the fact that we have brand new carpet and furniture)! That evening, when I got home from work, our plans were to (finally) put up the Christmas tree, decorate it, and get all the other Christmas decorations out. Well, we got the tree up alright, but then decided to take a break for dinner.

After dinner, it was time for the lights to go on the tree! To our surprise, most of the lights were out in the lights we had, so Babe offered to go out and get more lights. He’s so great! Well, while Babe was out doing that, I decided to set some of the other Christmas things up, and make lunches for Buddy & I for Tuesday. While I was making Buddy’s lunch, Buddy was being a rather good boy, walking in and out of the kitchen, playing, watching tv, etc. At this certain point in time, he had just walked out of the kitchen. Not 10 seconds later I hear a “Mommy!!!! Eww!!!!! Get it off of me! I’m all wet!!!” And he comes running back into the kitchen, liquid dripping off of his face, and his shirt is pretty soaked. I asked “What is that? Did you spill your drink?” To which Buddy answers “Nnoooo…” I get a paper towel and wipe his face off; then I go to investigate the situation in the living room.

I walk into the living room, and I see Annie walking along the carpet, shaking her paws, and I think to myself “Annie got wet too…great!” I keep walking a little further, and notice a long puddle on our brand new sofa/chair! I tried to remain calm and I turned to Buddy and asked “Did you pee your pants?” To which he so innocently replied “No. I didn’t pee my pants…Annie did!” “ANNIE DID?!?” I asked, confused and shocked all at once. (You see, we’ve had Annie & Maura since they were about 2 months old, and they have ALWAYS used the litter box.) “Yes,” Buddy said, “and she peed on my face, and my shirt, too!”

I was still in shock, so I went into the kitchen and got more paper-towels to soak up the puddle of liquid on our brand new sofa! Sure enough, it was yellow, and I happen to notice the smell as soon as I went to clean it up. “Darn that cat! Why would she do that? And how did she have that much urine in her bladder???” All thoughts going through my mind. So I soak up the urine until I can’t soak anymore. Then I try calling Babe to see if he’s still at the store…while his phone in ringing in my ear, he walks in the door. Oops! “Honey…do you mind going back out? Annie peed on the sofa…and we need furniture cleaner!” “Annie did what?! Why?” Babe asks. How would I know…but it’s been done!

Babe runs back out to get furniture cleaner, and I give Buddy his 2nd bath of the day.

After all is settled down, we decide to continue the Christmas decorations Tuesday, and all sit down to watch a movie.

Now it’s early Tuesday morning. I get up to get ready for work, and find “cat droppings” next to the toilet. What the heck? I immediately blame it on Annie, b/c of her actions the night before, scoop it up, and just toss it into their litter box.

A few hours later, while Babe & Buddy are getting ready in the morning, I receive a text from Babe “Cat(s) pooped in Buddy’s room!!!!” Now I was really beginning to worry. I call the vets, tell them whats happened, and they want to see Annie.

We take Annie to the vets. They take our stool sample for test, but are unable to get their own urine sample from her. We are charged $80 for the visit, and get sent home with a “home urine sample kit”! Woohoo!

Later on in the evening, we decide we’ll keep Annie in our bathroom with the “fake” kitty litter, and move the actual box into our room for Maura to use.

(Okay…here comes the funny part)

I pick up the litter box to move it from our bathroom to our bedroom and think to myself “Wow…this is really light. Babe must not have put a lot of litter in. Maybe we were low.” And as I’m thinking this, I’m also preparing to look into the litter box. And as I look into the litter, I see: the pan liner, and the few “cat droppings” I shoveled in earlier. That’s it. No litter.

NO LITTER!!!!!!!!!! What the heck?! No wonder the cats have been leaving present all over the place!!!!

I say to Babe “Uh, babe. Where’s the litter?” “It should be in the box…” he replies. “It’s not” I say. To which Babe replies “Are you for real?! Oh crap! I forgot to put the litter in!”

And then we just start cracking up!!!!

No wonder Annie peed all over Buddy and had a puddle full of urine to leave on our brand new furniture…she had been holding it all day because she didn’t know where the litter was!!!! And no wonder we found kitty presents in the bathroom and Buddy’s room…they just couldn’t hold it anymore!!! Poor kitties!!! We’re lucky it wasn’t worse than it was!!!!!!!! And we’re lucky Annie’s not sick! We were worried about her!!!!!!!

So that’s our funny kitty story. I hope it amused you as much as we are, and will probably always be, amused by it ;) Babe will NEVER live this one down!!!!


Regina said...

Yea I would love to stay overnight in NYC and party all night...only problem there...Jeremiah's 16 year old niece is coming with us...there goes that plan...o well guess i can just hope for the best!

Luke's mommy said...

that is too funny!!!! I am glad it is nothing serious or that the cat is acting out. Poor Tyler getting peed on : (

Matthew & Cynthia Glace said...

This is so funny! I read it on your My Space page. With all the mess aside, I'm glad Annie is healthy.