Well, 5 days 'til Christmas...and I think I can say that I'm ALMOST ready. This is unusual for me, as I usually have all the gifts, bought and wrapped, by the time Thanksgiving comes. But not this year. This year I find myself deperately looking for time to get all my shopping done, and trying even hard to find time to get the wrapping done. It's driving me crazy!!!! Plus, on top of that, we keep finding "hidden gifts" for Buddy around the house! 2 days ago I found 3 gifts under our bed...last night I found a gift in our dresser...Goodness this child is going to be getting SO MUCH for Christmas this year...LOL!!!! And while I'm finding all these gifts for Buddy, I keep losing gifts for other people. We bought my parents something a few months back, and now I have NO IDEA where it is! I've looked everywhere...and it's making me go crazy!!!!!!! It was a personal, from the heart, item, I'm pretty upset about not being able to find it :(

My mom called last night, and her cousin, Jimmy, is now on hospice. They found out not too long ago that he has cancer, and he's already on hospice. They give him 2-3 weeks. I can't believe how fast Cancer can work! And here it is the holidays...i can't imagine the emotioins his wife and kids, and grandkids are going through. Shoot...I'm practically in tears, so I can only imagine how they are feeling. We're going Sunday to visit him. I'll let you know how that goes.

On a different note, we've had a lot of fun these last few days. The Ernest came over Monday night for dinner. We exchanged gifts. Luke got Buddy: CandyLand & Hi-Ho Cherry-O! I am so amazed at Buddy each time we play CandyLand! I didn't realize how well he knew his colors until we started playing!!!! That, and he beats me every time! The lil' bugger ;) He loves CandyLand! We tried playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O last night...and it felt like a never ending liked it, but definetely prefer CandyLand :)

Tuesday we were able to get our Gingerbread Tree together!!!!! All 3 of us had a great time working on it! While it ended up a little slanted, it's still beautiful!

We have also had fun playing with the kitties...we now have a Maura Claus & Annie, the black-nosed Reindeer ;)

If I don't write before Christmas, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas :)

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Matthew & Cynthia Glace said...

Hey, don't stress out too'll get everything together...don't worry. I love the gingerbread tree and the kittens are adorable!