Busy Weekend!

Whew! We had a busy weekend!!!!!
~ Friday: Olivia was born
~ Saturday: I worked Overtime
~ Sunday: Happy Birthday, Dad & Bounce Open Play!!!

For starters, our friend Sunny, had her baby on Friday, 1/4/08!
Her name is Olivia Renee, and she is so beautiful!!!
Olivia Renee:

Me holding Olivia!!!
Saturday, I worked 8 hours of overtime. It's one of my new years resolutions to work at least 8 hours of overtime a i did good the 1st week ;) Babe's parents were able to watch Buddy while I was working, and Babee usually works Saturdays. They ended up taking him to Dave & Busters at Arundel Mills. Buddy had a great time there, and came back with a TON of prizes!!!
They ended up dropping Buddy off to me around 7:30ish, and Carmen & Will came over to watch a movie or 2. Babe got home a little late from work, and helped us finish watching KNOCKED UP. We went to bed probably about 2:30am...LATE!!!!
Luckily, though, Buddy slept in, which mean I got to sleep in. I woke up around 9, and decided to get up and shower. We had someplace to be at we needed to start getting ready. Where did we have to be, you ask?
Bounce Party & Play is the answer! OMG was this place just the best place ever! It's an indoor facility full of different moon-bounces! We were meeting up with Katrina, Larry & Colin, and Nicole, Josh & Carissa! We went to one of their "open-plays" was just $6 for Buddy to bounce for 1 1/2 hours. While we were taking Buddy's shoes off, getting him ready, one of the workers came to let us know that WE were able to bounce, too! Katrina & I acted like that was the best news in the world, and started jumping up and down...LOL...we were so excited!!!! So we got on the bounce things with the, are those things tiring!! We didn't last the whole 1 1/2 hours...and left probably 15mins before time was up.
But Buddy loved it! And I think this is going to be the place for Birthday Parties this year! Nicole was talking about having Carissa's there...Kat was talking about having Colin's there...and Buddy wants his there...LOL ;)
Here are some pics from that:

After the Bounce Open Play, Kat & I went to visit Sunny & Olivia, while the men took the boys to the mall! We then met up with them, and Kat, Larry & Colin headed their own direction. The 3 of us headed over to the Avenue, to just waste some time until 4, when we were meeting my family at Red Lobster for my Dad's Birthday Dinner!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY!!!!

My Dad, PopPop, with Buddy & Ella :)

My dad with his Mom :) Such a cute photo!!!

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