Buddy's Memory

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, and seem to be losing my mind more & more each day, that I am so amazed at the memory Buddy has. I swear…he’s a smart cookie…and it blows my mind!!!

For example, a couple days after Christmas, we went to visit my Grand Mother. As usual, Buddy was shy at first, but he eventually came around. When it was time to go, Buddy was sitting on the sofa, next to my Grand Mom, refusing to leave. My Grand Mom told him: “Now Buddy. We’ll set up a time for you to come back over and stay the night. And when you do, we’ll have cookies and milk, and watch TV all night long.” That satisfied Buddy, and we left.
Fast forward to earlier this week; we’re at my parent’s house, and my Grand Mom calls to talk to my Dad. Buddy asks to talk to her. As soon as he gets on the phone, he says “Hi Great Grand Mom. When we do cookies & milk, I can wear my robe!” (The robe is what she got him for Christmas) LOL!!!!! He remembered!!!!!

Another memory story…

Christmas Eve we went to the Church Service with Babe’s parents at their church. Though Buddy slept through the whole thing, he told Babe’s mom (Grand Mom) that he wanted to go to church (with just her) the following Sunday. Without thinking, we lined up for Babe’s parents to watch Buddy, overnight, the Saturday following Christmas. When Babe & I called Sunday morning to see how Buddy was, his Mom told us they had just gotten to church and would call us when service was over! BUDDY REMEMBERED! He didn’t let that Sunday go by without going to church, with his Grand Mom ;)

We also sent him to Babe’s parent’s house with a video game, not knowing it needed batteries. Unfortunately, Babe’s parents didn’t have the batteries needed. Luckily though, Babee’s Dad (Pops) was planning on getting some shopping done, and promised Buddy he would get batteries while he was at the store. No sooner did Pops get home from the store, did Buddy come rushing to him, asking for the batteries! LOL

Never a dull moment in the H Household…especially with a smart-cookie like Buddy ;)

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Matthew & Cynthia Glace said...

He is such an amazing kid! You two are so blessed!