Parent/Teacher Meeting @ Celebree

Tonight we had our 1st Parent/Teacher conference for Buddy!!! It went great!!! I got to meet Tyler's main teacher, Ms. Heather, and she was really nice. You're probably wondering why I haven't meet her before...she works 9-3...Babe has always dropped Buddy off in the mornings, so he's met her, and by the time I pick Buddy up in the afternoon, she's already left for the day.

Buddy is progressing very well! There are a few areas he needs some help on, but he is "Proficient" in just about everything. He is having troubles with unbuttoning buttons, or using scissors the correct way, but is excelling in using a paintbrush, gluing objects, and drawing shapes, like a circle. His Emotional/Social Development is GREAT in all areas!!! His teachers all agree that his language development is very good for his age :) Babe & I are so proud of Buddy!

His teachers had a lot of positive things to say about him, such as: "He is an active 3 year old with a healthy amount of energy", "Buddy has shown complete proficiency in all developmental areas in Social & Emotional", "Buddy is willing to lend a helping hand when needed during cleanup", and "Buddy does a wonderful job during circle time identifying opposites and counting up to 20"!!!

I was excited about our 1st Parent/Teacher Conference!!! And I'm so glad it turned out great!!! It's hard to believe we're already doing this with Buddy...still seems like just yesterday he was learning to walk, and saying his 1st words!!!

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