Ear infection, Atlantic City, SuperBowl

Well, Tyler still has an ear infection! I don’t believe it! This has been going on since before Christmas! First, it was both of his ears, then it was his left, now it’s his right! So, he’s back on meds, and if his ear isn’t better by the next time we go, we’ll be referred to an ear specialist! Poor lil’ man…I just can’t believe he still has an infection!!!!! Hopefully both ears will be 100% better in the next 3 weeks!!!!!

As for this weekend…it was a busy one! Saturday, 2/2/08, was our 2nd Annual Girls Trip to Atlantic City!!!!! It was me, Katrina, Erin, Carmen, Jen & Rachelle! We had a blast! We got there and ate at the horrible buffet…same one from last year, where Melis & I got sick from their shrimp. Then we all went and gambled away at least $20 each! After that, we headed outside for some fresh air and sights! We walked the beach for a little while…the weather was very nice! We had the perfect day! Kat contemplated getting her nose pierced, but at the last minute, she changed her mind! So we didn’t do that. Near the end of our trip, we went into the mall. We got to watch their water-light-show, and do some browsing. At that point, it was time to head back for the bus! We had a great time!!!

This is the whole gang!!!

The yummy desserts...well, most were yummy!

Atlantic City's Beautiful Sunset!Sunday, 2/3/08, we met up with Mike’s parents for breakfast, then relaxed at home until it was time for SuperBowl! We were invited to a SuperBowl/Birthday Party at our friends, Josh & Jenn’s, home! Josh's birthday is today (Happy Birthday, JOSH!). We had a great time there! There was sooo much food…I’m still full today, and it’s almost lunch time! Tyler & Luke played nice together the whole time! And, the Giants WON!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

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