It's the little things :)

Last night when I got home from work I wasn’t feeling my best. I started with a sore throat last week, and that’s turned into a 24/7 cough, and head congestion : / So I wasn’t up for much of anything last night.

But when I got home,Buddy & Babe were sitting at the kitchen table, playing with Buddy’s Barney Computer Game. I went upstairs to change, and when I came back down Buddy says “Mommy…we got you something! You can open it now!” And he handed me 2 cards and a gift underneath. Since we are planning on doing our Valentine’s Dinner tonight, I said back to Buddy, “I thought we are going to wait until tomorrow? Are you sure you want to give this to me now?” To which Buddy excitedly replies, “Yes Mom! You can open it NOW!!!!” So I opened the beautiful card from Babe, and the cutest card from Buddy. Buddy had put his own touches on his card, drawing me the most beautiful picture on it ;) (Babe said he worked about 15 minutes on it!) Buddy was very excited for me to open his card, and loved how much I loved it ;) His excitement made me feel a little better, too!

We were supposed to go to Chuckie Cheese’s with some friends, but since I wasn’t feeling well we ended up cancelling! Sorry again, guys :( The rest of the night we just relaxed and watched Buddy’s new Veggie Tales Movies “The Wizard of Ha’s!” It’s a funny movie! We tried taking Buddy to see the Veggie Tales Pirate movie on Sunday, but it’s not playing anywhere anymore?! Not sure why…hopefully we’ll be able to take him soon!

Tonight we’re doing our Valentine’s, since Babe will be working on Thursday. We decided to stay in and make dinner ourselves! That way, we can spend it with Buddytoo, and save some money in the process : ) I’ll write tomorrow to let ya know how it goes!

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