Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!

We celebrated our Valentine’s Day on Tuesday night. Together, we made Lasagna w/ Garlic Bread, and for dessert we had this cookie dough Sunday we picked up from Target. Everything was so delicious!!!!
Tonight I’ll be taking Tyler Bouncin’! Mike is working, so I thought it would be a good Valentine’s Date for Tyler & I ;)

Wednesday was one heck of a day! Since Tuesday afternoon/evening, the weather had gotten pretty nasty, I was surprised that work wasn’t delayed Wednesday. So, even though I was feeling really bad still, I got up as usual and got ready for work. I wasn’t even 3 steps out the door when I slipped and fell on the ice on our front step! I took that as a sign that I needed a day of rest. I went back inside, called my boss, and went back to bed. I kept Tyler home with me, so all day we just watched movies, played some games, and relaxed. We even took a 3 hour nap! It was great! I am feeling almost 100% better today. I’m still coughing a little, but other than that, I can’t complain!

On a different note…we FINALLY got a new camera! I know so many of you out there will be so proud of us! This camera seems so awesome! It has a re-chargable battery to begin with…no more AA batteries that we have to change every time we use the darn thing! It has a ton of different settings, like indoor, candle, fireworks, sports, etc, etc. The best part is you can take the camera 10ft underwater, without any damage happening to it! I’ve yet to try it. I’m kind of nervous to put a digital camera in water…LOL! But I will try it soon…before we go to St. Lucia at least…which is only 78 days away!!!!!

Hope all is well with everyone, and that you all have a very Happy Valentine’s Day : )

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