Under Water!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but our new digital camera can go underwater! I know! It's crazy! But so exciting! I was hesitant to try it, because who would have ever thought you could put a digital camera in the water...especially as much as 10ft! (there's a special cover for it that allows it to go 33ft!) So, while giving Tyler a bath last night...i tested it out! The pics are below...imagine yourself underwater, looking up while viewing the pics:

Pic of Tyler's face above water, from underwater, along with some bubbles

Some of Tylers alphabet bath toys, from underwater

How cool is that?! I think it looks so neat! I can't wait until summer time, when we can take it to the pool and get underwater pics! And I can't wait to take it to St. Lucia!!! By the way, we are only 76 days away from St. Lucia....ahhh!!!!!!! :)

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