Not much is new!

Hey everyone! Sorry I'm not writing as much as usual. Things have been kinda slow in the H House! It seems most everyone is feeling 100% better. Buddy is still coughing a little bit, which worries me about his Tuesday is his appt with the ear specialist.

Today Buddy goes on his 1st Field Trip! He's going with the Blind School to "Storyville" at Rosedale Library. I've heard a lot of cool things about this place, and Babe & I have been talking about taking Buddy there. So when we found out Tuesday that he would be going with the Blind School, we got really excited! I hope Buddy likes it :)

I think this is a really cute picture, so I'm going to share it with everyone:

Buddy was in the boxing ring at the Bounce Place we go to a lot, with his mean face on ;)

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