Buddy's Ear Infections

I'm a little late on posting this, but last week we took Buddy back to the Dr's. We took him b/c we thought his cough might have been croup, but the Dr said it's just stemming from his continuous ear infection :( He's had this ear infection since a week before Christmas! It's ridiculous! So...we are now taking him to see an ear specialist, with the possibility that Buddy might need tubes put in his ears! Our appt is next Tuesday. He's on another different kind of medicine - they get worse tasting and more expensive every time. We have to bribe Buddy twice a day just to get him to take this medicine! Poor little guy! I hope this medicine works! Strange thing is, you wouldn't know he was hurting. He must have a high pain tollerance. The only time a sickness has effected him was when this ear infection first started. Other than that, we would never know he had anything wrong if it weren't for the 3-6-9 month visits to the Dr's!'s hoping his ears are 100% better by next Tuesday!!!!!

I also wanted to post a couple pics. The 1st is of Buddy & Maura. Buddy passed out one night on the sofa, and Maura loves him soooo much, she came and laid with him. The 2nd is one of Buddy & E playing on the piano :)

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