You just never know...

So there I was, on my way to work, driving S/B 95 this morning. It was right before 5:30am. As usual, I had made my way into the fast lane, and was going a good 65-70mph. There wasn't anyone around me...lucky for them.

Out of no where, i see the back lights of another car, coming my direction from one of the right lanes. I didn't have time to think. This car was flying sideways on 95, in my directions. Even if i had the time to think, it wouldn't of matted what i did...slow down or speed up...this car was going to hit me. And it did.

It hit me into the jersey wall, and i slid along that wall for a few seconds. Then I saw a tire fly somewhere...I had no idea at the time it was mine. I was okay though. My adrenaline was rushing. I called 911.

The tractor trailer driver came to see if I was okay. Yea, a tractor trailer was involved...thank God that didn't hit me! How he got from the 2nd right lane on 95, to where i was, is also a blessing. That meant he had to run across 95 with traffic. Goodness. I didn't see him again, though. That seems weird to me now that I'm writing this.

Then the cops show up...and the ambulance. I felt like a drama-queen, but I had them take me in an ambulance to the hospital. The left side of my neck was hurting so bad! So, they had be on the backboard stretcher, all tied on, and a neck brace about being "better safe than sorry"!!! But I'm glad I did it that way.

I got to the hospital, and was there about 1-2 hours. They xrayed me, did all the precautionary things, told me nothing was broken, that i probably just pulled some muscles, and sent me home with medication and a Dr's note to be a couch potato for the next few days...LOL....those who know me well, know that being a couch potato is going to be HARD for me to do!!!

While I was in the hospital the state trooper came to check in on me. He wanted to know what I saw of the accident, and I told him just what I typed above. He said that they knew I wasn't at fault...just a 3rd party involved in the the wrong place at the wrong time! So that's a good thing. He gave me the name of the tow company that had my car, and was on his way.

Pretty much, it was either the car that hit me or the tractor trailor at fault. Each is blaming the other...and i'm involved b/c i was hit. Lovely.

I tell ya though. I am so thankful that I was in that car by myself. Mike & I went to take a look at the car, and besides the tire completely breaking off, and some cement dust from the jersey wall, the left side of my car isnt too bad. But the right side...omg! The doors won't open...which means if Mike & Tyler were with me, they would have been stuck in there. Or if Mike & Tyler were with me, they could be hurt a lot worse then I am. And i have thanked God today so many times. I had an Angel with me this morning, no doubt! And I'm thankful that no one else involved in the accident was hurt...that accident could have been A LOT worse...and i'm so glad that it wasn't!

So, to all reading this, count your blessings. Don't take a single thing for granted. And tell your loved ones how much they mean to you everyday. You really don't know what day could be your last...or their last.

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