Accident Update

I am doing alright...still VERY sore. I stayed home from work today to get things done. Even though the notes from the hospital said to see my Dr 5-10 days after the accident, since I was feeling so bad, i went and saw him today. Good thing I did. He put me on muscle relaxors, and referred me to a Physical Therapist. I start that on Thursday. After the Drs, we took a drive up to Perryville to get a copy of the Accident Report...and YAY! Now we know whose at fault!! It was the car who hit me...he cut off the tractor trailor, who ended up clipping him, causing him to spin out and crash right into me. Even though I've left messages with two different people, I have yet to hear back from my insurance company...i just love that! Oh, and, when we called the body shop around 1:30pm, they still hadn't picked up our we won't know until tomorrow how bad the car is damaged! ERGSH! I know this isn't going to be a fast process...but come on people! I just want answers!

So, I'm still being a couch potato, and being rather bored by that. I will be going back to work tomorrow, and plan on taking my ice pack!!! I don't think I could survive the whole day at work without one!
Buddy & Babe have both been great to be! So has our family and friends! So to everyone, THANK YOU!!!!!

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