DoodleBops LIVE!

L Doodle & Buddy Doodle

On Sunday, 4/20/08, Babe & I took Buddy to the DoodleBops Live concert! We met up with our friends Larry & Mel and their kids Logan & Gloria. Also meeting us there was my friend/coworker Jeffrey with his wife and little girl, Madi!

Buddy and Logan came dressed as MOE, and Gloria was dressed as DEEDEE! They were adorable! Buddy and Logan never left each others side throughout the whole concert, and they had a blast! They were up the whole time, dancing and singing with the DoodleBops! It was great to see all the kids having so much fun!!!!
Gloria - DEEDEE- Doodle

The DoodleBops!!!

No Moe! Don't pull the rope!!!

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