We almost named Baltimore's Pirate Ship!

I know what you're thinking...Baltimore has a Pirate Ship?! Well...up until last weekend it didn't...but now it does!!! :)

A few months back I came across a contest to name this Pirate Ship that was coming to Baltimore as a new attraction. So, thinking it would be cool to name a pirate ship, I entered a few names into the contest! Well, last week I received an email saying my entry of “Cannon Dodger” was chosen as a finalist…how cool is that??? So on Saturday, we headed out to Fells Point for their Pirateer Festival – the naming of the boat would be held during the Festival. Buddy was excited b/c the day was all about pirates and a pirate ship ;) He got to wear his pirate hat, his pirate hook and bandana, and even a few pirate tattoos!!! We first walked around and looked at the vendors. Then there was some entertainment where some pirates sang some “pirate kiddie songs!” All the kids love that! Then it was time to find out what the name of the boat was. We walked towards Ann’s Street Pier where the boat was located. Coming up to the boat, the name FEARLESS was already painted on the side of the boat. We all thought that couldn’t be the name…that they should hide it if that were the name. We soon found out that FEARLESS was the name of the ship! Our entry, Cannon Dodger, was runner up! Now, I’m not complaining, we still got a 4-pack of tickets for a pirate ship adventure and a t-shirt with our entry name on it, but FEARLESS is a lame name to me. All of the finalist names were better then FEARLESS…like "The Ravens Nest" was a good one! To me, FEARLESS is plain, original and generic. But…it wasn’t my decision. So FEARLESS it is! After the naming of the ship, we took the water Taxi over to the Harbor and spent the rest of our afternoon there! It was good times!!! : )

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