Growing Up!

Is it just me, or does it seem like the last 5-10 years have just flown by for everyone? I’m not sure what it is, but lately, I’ve just been feeling so old!

For instance, yesterday at Physical Therapy, the techs were talking about going to Prom! PROM! My Prom was almost 10 years ago. Then the one tech mentioned she was a 90’s baby…born in 1990! I almost choked! She was just 9 years old when I graduated from high school…now she’s graduating from High School…OMG!

Then after PT, I went tanning. As I was waiting, another girl walked in and started talking to one of the workers there. What were they talking about you ask? Prom dresses! “Oh, I went here, and this dress was $400…but I wouldn’t make my mom pay that much!” “Oh really?! I went to this place, and there were so many dresses…I loved them all!” And they’d laugh and giggle, then talk about high school drama.

Am I really at that age where when I hear someone say they were born in the 90’s it shocks me?! Or when I hear 2 teenage girls talk about Prom, it brings back memories of so long ago! Come on now…I’m only 26…2 months away from 27…I’m not old. Am I?

I swear, it feels like just yesterday that I was 18…a senior in High School, running the Customer Service desk at A.C.Moore, out shopping for Prom dresses, figuring out what Limo company to go with, and where to stay for Senior Week. Shoot…Limos are a thing of the past nowadays. The girls would probably laugh at me if I mentioned taking a Limo to Prom.

Then somehow…I was a college graduate. What happened in those 4 years of college I have no clue. Other then not getting into Nursing, and having to quickly change majors…I don’t recall much from College. It’s a blur to me.

Somehow, I made it into what they called “The Real World”. I was a college graduate, which meant it was time for a “Real Job!” My 1st real job was working at an Adult Day Care. It sucked. I was getting paid just $8 an hour…which isn’t much more then I was getting paid at A.C.Moore…but here, I had to change diapers and feed old people. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with the Elder…I just hadn’t planned on working with them in that way. To me, that was something a nurse would be doing, and since I wasn’t good enough to be a nurse…I was bitter.

I had to take a 2nd job at Target to help pay the bills. Welcome to the Real World alright! Your 1st job sucks, so you need a 2nd job, too! However, Target was a turning point in my life, as that’s where I met Babe!

I mean, they say when you meet the right one, somehow, you just know. Oh I knew it alright…I just fought it for a little while! LOL! But here I am, 5 ½ years after meeting the man of my dreams, and Babe & I are married with the most wonderful little man ever! And we’re talking about and preparing for a 2nd baby! We own a beautiful house. We both have great jobs. Our friends are the best ever! And everything is just perfect.

I just get so blown away at how fast the last 10 years have gone, and how far I’ve come in those 10 years. 10 years ago, preparing for High School Graduation…and going to College…I never imagined that in 10 years I would be where I am today. Never once. I always knew I wanted someone like Babe, and a great family like we have…I just never thought it would come to me so fast.

So, I guess this whole “Growing Up” blog is just me coming to a realization. It’s me realizing that time is just flying by me…I really do need to stop and smell the roses more often. It’s me, realizing that I am one lucky person to have all I have at such a young age. Sure, I feel old when I hear 18 year olds talking about Proms, and being born in the 90’s…but then I think, this is only the beginning for them. They are in for the best rides of their life!

I’m still young. I know that. It just amazes me how young I really am, yet how old I can feel at times!

Okay, enough heart-felt, thoughtfulness for one day. I’m ready to spend the day with the man of my dreams and our beautiful son! Oh, that’s right, it’s Friday, and since we’re in the real world now, I guess that means I have to finish up this work day, first! Dang it!

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