Easter/Accident Update

I realized it’s been a while since I’ve last written. That’s because I have been stressed, we have been busy, and time has just been passing by.

We hope that everyone had a great Easter! Buddy was able to go to 3 Easter Egg Hunts, one of which we held at our house for him and all his buddies! As with last year, the Easter Bunny went over-board this year! He decided to get Buddy “sporty” things…a baseball basket with easter eggs like looked like sport balls. He also got him a t-ball set and a soccer set! Buddy loved it all :)

We spent Easter morning with Babe’s parents and brother. We had breakfast there, played outside with Buddy t-ball set, then dyed some Easter eggs :) In the afternoon we headed over to my parents for dinner! There, we had another Easter Egg Hunt! Good times :)

In accident news, we finally have a new car! YAY! We shopped around a lot, and decided to go with the 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid. With all the driving we both do to and from work, a Hybrid car was our best bet. It’s a 4-door sedan that is very roomy, so it’s comfortably fits Buddy, and could comfortably fit another kid when that time comes! I’ll get a picture up here soon of it!!!

Mike & I also went and met with an attorney yesterday. I really didn’t want it to come to this, and we’re not looking to “get rich quick.” Really, all I want, is to be reimbursed for everything that’s coming out of our pocket for this accident that I am at no fault for. Like the rental car…we had that for just over 3 weeks…and WE had to pay over $1,000 for it! We were told by our car insurance company that there’s a chance we won’t get reimbursed at all for the rental, and that’s when we decided we needed a lawyer. The car who hit me is denying that it was his fault the accident happened at all. So is the tractor trailor driver. So no one is claiming fault. While they battle it out, b/c their cars are perfectly fine, and they weren’t hurt…I’m the one dishing all this out of pocket money, stressing about the new car and going to physical therapy twice a week. Ridiculous! It has been so stressful…probably the most stressed I’ve been ever!

That’s all we’ve been up to really…accident stuff, new car stuff, and just hanging out! I can’t believe it’s already April! Didn’t this year just start?! We now only have 31 more days until St. Lucia….YAY!!!!!!!!!! Hope all is well with everyone reading :)

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