The Circus!


3/16/08: We went to the Circus yesterday and had so much fun! It was Buddy's 1st time ever going to the Circus, and Babe & I hadn't been in years!!! We went with our friends Josh, Jen & Luke, and Melissa, Mike & Dimitri! While it took us about a half hour to get from the 395 exit to the 1st mariner arena...we still made it in enough time to walk around and see things :)

Buddy got a goofy circus hat and some binoculars! He loved 'em! His favorite part of the circus was the Elephants and Tigers. He got so excited every time an Elephant came out! It was so cute! And he cheered for EVERYTHING! He's a loud boy, but I had never heard him be so loud as he was at the circus ;)

Here are a few pics of the night :)
Tyler with his circus hat & binoculars.

The tigers...very well behaved ;)

The Elephants!

Me and my Circus Clown :)

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