Honeymoon to St. Lucia!

Well, the Honeymoon is over! But it was so worth the 4 year wait! Growing up, I always had wondered how my Honeymoon would be...I imagined things I might do, views I might see, and how much fun I would have with the love of my life, on our Honeymoon. In my dreams, it was always so perfect. But in reality, our Honeymoon exceeded all my expectations! That's how great our Honeymoon was!

While time didn't fly by, I'm still coming to terms that our Honeymoon is over, and it's time to get back into the real world. The whole week we were there we kept saying "Time is going perfectly. Not too fast...not too slow" But now I'm thinking that time just went way too fast!

We did so much! We dedicated 1 day to resting, LOL...just 1 day. The others we were out doing the the watersports, horseback riding, zip lining through the rainforest, and swimming in a waterfall. The day we did rest we were involved in a lot of the resort pool volleyball, water aerobics (yup, Babe did that, too!), massage lessons (ahhhh!!!!), and so much more!

On the flight down to St. Lucia we met this great couple. The 1st night in St. Lucia we ran into them again, and ended up hanging out with them the whole week! They are from New Jersey, and were celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary! Funny how you can meet someone so close to home so far from home. But they are 2 great people who we hope to keep in contact with for a while to come. We're actually in talks with them about a mini-vaca this summer! YAY!

And on our last night there, we met another couple who were from DC! We talked with them a few hours, and exchanged emails. So hopefully we will be able to keep in touch with them, too!
Buddy did great with us being away for a week...or should I say that we did great ;) haha! Since our phones didn't work down there, we had our parents (whoever had Buddy) call us every night at 6. Every night when they'd call, Buddy wouldn't talk. Or if he were to say something, it would be a quick "HI! Love you! Bye!" He was too busy having too much fun ;) So it made us feel better knowing he was having a blast! And it made it easier for us to have a blast ;)

I just can't express enough how great of an experience Babe and I had on our honeymoon. St. Lucia is just a beautiful place...not only from the sights to see there, but after learning more about St. Lucia, it's hard not to fall in love with the place! We will definetely be making our way back there sometime in the future!

To see pics of our Honeymoon, go here: