Good News!

Good News! I had my last session of Physical Therapy this past Thursday! While I’m not 100% better, I am darn close! I don’t think my neck/shoulders will ever not hurt again…neither does the physical therapist, but I have learned a lot of good exercises to get my neck/shoulders stronger! You can bet I’ll be working on that for a while to come now!

On another Good News run, Buddy got another “Development Progress Report” from Celebree. Unfortunately, we missed the Teacher/Parent conferences while we were on vacation, but his teacher was nice enough to still give us the report. I am very proud to say that Buddy received all “P”’s! (P = Proficient). He also received some great comments:

~ Buddy can carry out up to 4 directions with ease. He is always eager to please!
~ Buddy does really well with the group. He participates in circle and enjoys learning the songs and sign language. Buddy is always eager to help a teacher or friend. Buddy’s attention span is quite long when it comes to a story or circle time.
~ He is doing excellent!

We are so proud of our lil’ man :) Way to go, Buddy!!!!!!

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