Minor updates

Not much as been going on. Babe & I have been slowly getting back into the ins and outs of the real world. Buddy is getting used to again as well. Being with both Grandparents for a week…you know he was spoiled ;) He’s been giving Babe & I the hardest time…so I don’t think we’ll be doing another vacation like that for quite a while…haha!!!!!!

Last night we went to the Original Steakhouse for dinner. They were having a fundraiser for a precious little girl, named Talia. Talia is just 5 years old, but has been battling cancer for the last 3. Within the last few weeks, she has been told she only has another 2-3 months to live. So we went to support her. 10% of all proceeds made at the restaurant yesterday were donated to Talia and her family. It was great to go support her! I even made it in the news…got my 3 seconds of fame ;) haha

Buddy is going to the Zoo today with the Blind School. I hope the weather holds up for him, and I wish I were able to go with him! But he’s going to have a great time, and I can’t wait to hear all about it! He’ll also be going to the Zoo again next week with Celebree…maybe I can get in on that one…haha ;)

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Luke's mommy said...

If you can't you can always come to the zoo with us!!!