The IronBirds!!!

Last Friday, Buddy & I went to an IronBirds game with my friends Kat & Alyssa, and their kids Colin & Tabitha! We ALL had a great time! It was my 1st time to a minor league game, and it won't be my last! I have fun at the O's game, but there's so much more interaction at the smaller games!

There was a kids area with a moon bounce, batting cage, and arcades. The food and drinks were cheaper! And between each inning there was something going on down at the field to keep everyone entertained! It was great! Unlike at the O's game, where you're lucky to even spot the Oriole Bird, we were able to get pics with BOTH of the Iron Birds, plus Miss Maryland! Very cool!

 Buddy loved it, even though we walked away without catching a baseball ;) He said he wants to take Babe there, too! ;) So if anyone is interested in getting together and going to an IronBirds game, let us know...we are so there!!!

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Clara said...

how fun! where do the ironbirds play? i have heard of them, but never knew much about them... thanks for sharing and hope you are doing well!