6 Bags!

Buddy and I (mostly I) spent a majority of last night cleaning out his toy room in the basement. In the past, I have been known to keep toys b/c I can't believe Buddy is too big to play with them anymore...or keep them for the future baby in our lives...but last night was a different story. I was all about getting rid of toys he rarely plays with, toys he's never played with, or toys he plays with but doesn't really need (ie: some of the 10's of swords he had)! So, at the end of it all, we ended up with 6 BAGS of toys to give to charity! That's right, 6 bags...he's only 4 years old and had 6 bags of toys to give away?! Can you say someone's a little spoiled?! HAHA ;) We are learning our lesson, though.

I am working on getting his chore chart together, and that will go into full effect on Saturday, July 5th, 2008! I'll let ya know how that goes!!!

That's it for now!!! BYE!!!

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