Let the Birthday Celebrations begin!

Well, I'm one day away from being 27! How crazy is that?! Me...27?! ALMOST 30!!!!!!

Yesterday my friends Kat & Carmen took me to see one of my favorite country singers, Terri Clark! We didn't really know it was an outside concert, so I'm looking like a Lobster with Racoon eyes today, but it was worth it! LOL! Terri Clark was great! Of all the summers I spent going to country concerts, I don't think I had ever seen her, so it was great seeing her in concert yesterday!

For my birthday tomorrow, I'll be working. But after work I get to go home to Babe & Buddy, and then we're going out to dinner with my parents, sister and neice, and my aunt! So I'm really looking forward to that! Not sure where we're going to eat...maybe Chuckie Cheese?! LOL! Who knows! Then this weekend we're headed to OC for Father's Day/my birthday/just to get away ;) And in a couple weekends, my friends are getting something together for more birthday celebrations!

Here are a few pics from Terri Clarks concert:


Luke's mommy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You don't look a day over 25 ;)

Em said...

Hope you had a good birthday! CCE stands for clinical competency exam. It was yucky!