Yikes! It's been quite a while!

Things are going great and quite busy - which is why I haven't written as I should have.

Buddy has started back at the Blind School 2 days a week. He is loving it even more then last year - and knows just about the whole alphabet in sign language! He loves to practice it, and loves when he gets it right :) He's still going to Celebree, too - but sometimes I wish there was somewhere else we could take him. Besides them up'ing their prices - AGAIN, it seems there is a new teacher at least once a month. How is that good for the kids? They need stability and not so much chaos. Once they get used to a great teacher, the teacher is gone. So we've been debating taking him out of Celebree and putting him elsewhere. So we'll see what happens with that. He'll be 4 next week - how crazy is that?!

Babe's car was hit by a deer the other week, on his way home from work. Luckily Babe wasn't hurt, but his car needed some work. The whole left side had damage, the rear view mirror was gone, and even the hood had a few dents. We went through some drama with our insurance company, but the car finally got fixed. Once my accident from March is all cleared up, we plan on switching insurance companies. Ours is just ridiculous!!!!!

Nothing new with me, either. I'm now 17 weeks pregnant! We find out the sex of our lil' one on Buddy's 4th Birthday - October 7th :) Buddy is very excited, and is hoping for a sister. Babe & I would love to have a little girl, but are just happy to be having another baby!!!

Last weekend, we spent a few days in Ocean City. While it's usually a great time to visit, it was pretty miserable this time. It was super windy the WHOLE time. The one day we spent at the beach was spent shivering b/c it was so cold. Buddy & Ella played for a little while, but were soon enough cold themselves.

One morning we rented a bike on the boardwalk. While it was great riding down the boardwalk b/c we were with the winds, the ride back up was a different story. The wind literally made it feel like we were riding up a 90degree incline! We stopped to rest probably every 5 blocks or so - yes, it was that bad!!!!!

Here are a few pics from our trip, and I promise I'll start updating more :)

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