This is a highly suggested movie!!!

Babe & I had a date night last night :) We went and saw the movie FireProof!!!! It was truly a great movie and I suggest you go see it if you get the chance :)

If you haven't heard of FireProof - it's about a couple who are going through a rough time, talking about Divorce. The husband's father gives him a book called "The Love Dare" - it's a 40 day challenge. Through the movie you see the husband doing the challenge, and how things work out between him and his wife. I had tears pretty much the whole last half of the movie. It is very touching.

I highly suggest it! You will want to do "The Love Dare" after you see it - no matter how good your relationships/marriage is now, there's always room for improvements :) I just ordered the book today, and can't wait for it to come it :) I will be starting on some of the ones that i can remember from the movie before it comes in - but will be full force once we get the book :)

Here is the site:

If you do go see it, let me know what you think of it :)

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