Family Fun Day!

Yesterday was dedicated to nothing but family fun for us! Although Babe was sick, he pulled through, and we all had a great day! It was also a day geared towards Christmas!!! :) We started the morning by heading over a friends house to get our Christmas pics taken. That was so fun! I can't wait to see how they turn out. With Babe being sick, he barely smiled. Then Buddy was so off the hook we couldn't get him to sit still. So these pics will def be pics to look back on in many years and laugh ;) HAHA!!!

After the pics, we headed over to Timonium to check out the Festival of Trees. We hadn't been since Buddy was a year old! The 1st and only thing Buddy wanted to do was find Santa! We spent our 1st half hour there just looking for where he was! We finally found him, and waited in line! The line wasn't too bad, though. When it was Buddy's turn, he excitedly went and sat on Santa's lap, and asked for just two things: Madagascar 2, and "the toys on the commercials" LOL! Santa was like "Which toys on the commercials?" and Buddy's response was "All of them!" haha!!! I will post pics as soon as I get them up!
After visiting with Santa, we caught some of the magic/comedy show that was going on. Buddy loved it and was in awe throughout the whole thing. He loves magic! When the show was over, we headed to SANTA LAND, and we all had a blast! Buddy got on some rides, played some games, and decorated an igloo!!!
Here it was, about 4 hours after we arrived at the Festival of Trees, and we still hadn't looked at any trees :( Time was flying! It was 5pm by the time we were done in Santa Land. The festival closed at 6pm. We decided that we would just check out as many trees as we could on our way out. A friend of ours made a tree there, so we were looking for that one, but never saw it :( I'm sure it was great, though!!!

Once we got home, we ate some dinner, then got some Christmas decorations out :) Christmas is me and Babe's favorite holiday, and we can already tell that it's probably Buddy's too. Every little thing I pulled out of the box amazed Buddy!!! He had to hold everything and check it out! It was so cute!!! We found this HUGE stocking that we put Buddy in when he was just 3 months old --- Buddy got in it last night and it was up to his chest!!! So funny, yet at the same time, I can't believe he's so big already!!! Tonight we are putting up the Christmas Tree :)

So our Family Fun day was very fun!!! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'll write more soon!!!

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