Parent/Teacher Conference

Last week I attended a parent/teacher meeting at Celebree for Buddy. Babe couldn't make it b/c of work, and I thought it important that at least one of us go. So i went :)

Buddy got a very good report! He only goes to Celebree twice a week, but his teacher said that he is still a very important part of the class, and that on days he's not there all the kids are asking about him. He seems to be Mr Popular!!! He makes friends easily, and she's confirmed that he LOVES books! It was also good to hear that he definetely pay attention b/c his teacher says he is always asking questions about the story, etc. He does that at home, too ;)

One thing that really made me a proud Mother, is when his teacher said that if she didn't know any better Buddy would already be in the KR (kindergarten readiness) room, headed to Kindergarten next year! Of course with me being his Mom, i'm a little biased on thinking he's a smarty pants, so hearing it from his teacher really made me proud! I told her how we were considering testing him to start Kindergarten next year, and she said to definetely go for it! So, we could possibly have a kindergarten child on our hands in a few months :) As great as that is - I'm not quite sure I'm ready! LOL! But Buddy talks about it all the time (starting "real" school). We'll probably do the test, and just go from there. If he passes, great. And if he doesn't, great. No biggie :)

As for other news, nothing new to report. We are 6 weeks away from the expected arrival of Baby J! I've been stressing, and still not getting anything done - lol! But I'm sure we'll get there! Her room is about 70% completed - still need to hang some things on the wall, and we are searching for some shelves that match her crib.

I, personally, am exhausted. While I do love being pregnant, waking up at 4:30am to work 8-10 hours a day, is definetely getting old. My countdown is now at 40, and it couldn't come fast enough!!!

I'll write more soon :)

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