It really makes me wonder...

...Tuesday Babe took Buddy to the Dr's. He's been coughing again, along with watery eyes, sneezing, and not listening too well. We've come to learn that when Buddy doesn't listen as well as usual, his ears are bothering him. Along with his cough, this usually means he's got an ear infection. He has only once complained about his ears hurting, but has had ear infections his whole life. It's so odd to me!!!

Well, at the Dr's, not only did she confirm that BOTH ears were infected, but Tyler also has strep throat!!! That boggles me!!! I remember as a kid, when my ears hurt or my throat hurt, they REALLY HURT. I was down for the count, had no energy, and just wanted to lay around and watch tv or sleep all day. Not our Buddy. You couldn't tell both his ears hurt or that his throat is so sore. He never told us! He's still just as hyper and active! And he doesn't even want to rest for bed time! This kid has got a high pain tolerance!!!!!!!

While I'm glad he's not in pain, at the same time, I can't help but wonder if the Dr is for real? Does he really have a double ear infection and strep throat, or is she trying to get more money from us by prescribing him meds for these conditions? I don't know - a crazy thought I'm sure - but it just boggles my mind!!!

I just want my baby boy to be healthy!!!

On a different note...16 days until Princess is due! I can't wrap my fingers around how fast this pregnancy went! She will be here sooner then we think, I'm sure of it!! :)

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