Why I hate the dentist!!!

Yesterday I had a dental appt to replace a crown that I had done about 5 years ago. One of the tooths that I had a root canal on - the crown cracked or had a hole in it or something. So, they decided it needed to be fixed before it caused me problems. They didn't numb me b/c it was a dead tooth, and I wasn't supposed to feel anything but pressure. Well, this dentist was using some ginormous tool to pretty much pry off the damaged crown. He was pushing so hard and twisting on my tooth - then the tool he was using slipped and jammed right into my cheek/gums! I literally screamed "OUCH!!!!" The dentist was like "oh i know that hurt, i'm so sorry, let me numb you right now!" I'm on the verge of tears, he's poking me with needles trying to numb me, and the dental tech is suctioning out A LOT of blood. I seriously feel like I am going to faint --- i'm getting dizzy, i'm getting hot flashes, and i had to sit up and drink some water. NOT COOL!!! So now I'm numb...and he goes about his things. Fixes the crown. At some point he's got this string going in and out of my mouth - i'm thinking "WTF?!" b/c i've never had this on all the crowns I've had put on. He tells me after the fact that he had to stitch up my cheek b/c of what had happened! So i've got stitches in my mouth! It hurt so bad last night - all i can take is tylenol and that doesn't do anything for me - and I had to sleep on ice. I feel like the left side of my face is HUGE and it still hurts today :( So...i hate the dentist!!!!

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