Back to Work :(

I started back to work last Monday, the 18th. To be honest, it's been horrible :( I am desperately looking for ways to either work PT or not work at all - HA - as if that is possible!!!

The first day I went back, Princess had a horrible night :( She had a screaming fit for 3 hours, with vomiting and everything). She wouldn't keep anything down, and nothing would calm her down. She didn't have a temp. I called the Dr who didn't know what it could be. I was thinking the milk we fed her was had been in the freezer but who knows...then I thought maybe she got too much air from all the bottles during the day. She wasn't used to drinking from a bottle constantly. I just wasn't sure. Around 10:30 that night she finally ate, kept it down, and fell asleep.

Tuesday night she was her normal, happy self! But then Wednesday night, the screaming happened again. Babe ended up coming home from work and we took her to the ER...better safe then sorry. We had NO IDEA what was wrong! The Dr's at the ER chalked it up to her acid reflux. So, we started her on cereal the next day...oh, and I had to call out of work b/c we didn't get home from the ER until 2am!!! Thursday night she screamed for 1 hour...and hasn't had a bad night since. So...maybe it was her reflux and the cereal is helping...or since I've been home and nursing more she hasn't been getting as much air. We'll see how she does tonight...since I'm at work all day today and she's getting the bottle all day today.

We had a great Memorial Day weekend!!! We got to the pool twice, and Princess had her 1st trip to the pool on Memorial Day. She freaked out when we dipped her toes in the pool - the water was freezing!!! And then she took a nap the rest of the time we were there...haha!!!!

Friday night I took myself some much needed "Buddy time" and we went to see a movie! We saw "Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian" - it was GREAT! I laughed the whole time!!! Princess did great at Babe's parents!

Here are a couple pics to end this post :)

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