Mother's Day

I hope everyone reading this who is a Mommy, in some way, had a great Mother's Day!!! I did this year - especially with have 2 reasons to celebrate being a Mommy :)

On the Friday before Mother's Day, Buddy's preschool had a Mother's Tea! It was so fun! I went along with my mom and Babe's GrandMother!!! Here are a few pics from that:

Mother's Day itself was a busy day for us! We woke up semi early because we had plans to head to church! I know, can you believe it?! After all these years that I've been wanting to get to a church, and we were finally going - on Mother's Day of all days :) That was a great gift in itself! Before church, though, Buddy was sooo excited to give me his gift he had made at the Blind School. It was adorable! He painted a frame and there was a pic in it of him :) And he also gave me 3 magnets! He's so cute!

Then we all headed downstairs and there was another gift waiting for me! It was a beautiful Mother's Ring - it had Buddy's, Babe's (b/c he's my biggest kid - lol) and Princesses's birthstone in it :)

I loooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Church was great. Our neighbor is the pastor at the church, and we are planning on continuing to go there!

In the afternoon we went over my Aunt's house. That was a lot of fun, too!!! :) And later in the evening, we met up with Babe's family for some crabs - yum!!!

Here are some more pics of the day:

So Mother's Day 2009 was a GREAT one for me! I hope it was great for everyone else :)

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