Hilton Head Vacation

Last week we spent a wonderful week in Hilton Head, South Carolina with most of Babe's family. 22 of us shared an 8 bedroom beach house - and it was a very awesome week! Most of the week was spent poolside or on the beach, with an occasional trip to the piggly wiggly, the sandbox (an indoors kids activity center) and a comedy show. Babe & I also spent one morning parasailing - talk about a beautiful and relaxing moment! I loved every second of our vacation, and we definetely plan on going back there!!! Also, 1 of the days we went to see the Hilton Head Lighthouse! I was very excited about this as lighthouses are one of my favorites things :) Me, Babe, Buddy & Babe's Mom walked up 114 steps to get to the stop of the lighthouse...the views were fantastic :)

Buddy spent just about every day in the pool! He was a big fish the whole week! From 9am til 6pm just about every day he was our lil' swimmer! Him and I spent about 2 hours in the ocean one day, too! He LOVED it! He was such a great lil' man all week long, and even on the long drives to and from, he was awesome! He made us proud, that's for sure!

Princess did well on the drives, too. She was very cranky on the long drive home, though. She seemed to enjoy the pool and ocean, too. We had stopped at South of the Border on our way down and got her an intertube for the pool, and she spent time realxing in there, floating around the pool. She also got used to having me around 24/7 and now refuses to take a bottle....that's going to be fun trying to get her into again. She didn't take 1 bottle for Babe yesterday when I came back to work : /

To see pics of our wonderful vacation, go here:

Hilton Head Pics - 1
Hilton Head Pics - 2

Onto other updates...Buddy will be starting KR (kindergarten readiness) at Celebree here in a few weeks. We are contemplating having him go FT...but it's quite expensive. If not 5 days a week, he will definetely start going 3 days. We haven't decided which yet. This weekend we are taking him shopping for school supplies - he is VERY excited for that!!! Also, his 5th birthday is coming up in October, so birthday party plans are in the works. We're looking into the BAACYard ClubHouse this year...but we'll see!!! We still have a little time to figure it out!

Princess is 5 1/2 months and getting cuter every day. Her personality is so awesome - and she just LOVES her big brother. All he has to do is walk in the room and Princess gets so very excited!!! She will be 6 months in a few weeks, and I'm left to wonder where the time has gone. She rolls over, is starting to show interest in crawling, "talks" a lot, and her laugh is sooooo adorably cute :) Babe & I are 2 lucky parents...we've got our handsome, hyper, fun loving Buddy and our cute, cuddly, precious baby girl! Both of them brighten up ours days like never before, and we can't get enough of them :)

Well, that's enough update for now. I'll write more soon!

With Laughter...

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